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Carrizozo Chamber of Commerce

During your Visit Don't Miss These Carrizozo Attractions

Carrizozo Heritage Museum

Open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thur.-Sat., March thru Dec. 2017
Built in the 1940's as an ice plant and locker for the community, the Heritage Museum opened in May, 2003, with lots of work by volunteers and staff.
The building is now a pretty cool place that shows how things used to be
in Carrizozo and Lincoln County.
For more information or to schedule special viewing or tours,
please call 575-648-2514.

Soul of the West Bootique
Vintage & Handmade Boots

Vintage & Designer Apparel, Ranch Decor, Antiques.
407 Central Ave., Carrizozo NM 88301
Toll Free 1.877.885.1851
Open Tues.–Sat., 10 am - 5pm
Gwen Rogers, Owner

Carrizozo Chamber in Carrizozo, New Mexico

Nestled in the shadows of the beautiful Sacramento mountain range at the northern edge of the Tularosa Basin, residents and visitors alike enjoy the pleasant climate of the high desert, yet are less than an hour from the tall pines and skiing areas of the Lincoln National Forest. Carrizozo boasts a variety of lodgings, shops and restaurants, as well as a growing art community, while still maintaining a friendly small town atmosphere.

With its name derived from the Spanish word carrizo meaning a reed-like grass, an extra “zo” was added to proclaim the abundance of the grass in the region, and the town moniker was born. At 5425 feet above sea level, with an annual rainfall of 12-14 inches and 10-15% humidity, Carrizozo boasts four distinct yet mild seasons.


From its beginnings as an important railroad town in the late 1800’s, to its modern-day status as the county seat, Carrizozo has a rich history, and visitors are welcome to tour the Carrizozo Heritage Museum to learn more about the history the town. Nearby attractions include the fascinating Valley of Fires lava flow, Three Rivers Petroglyph site, the gold-mining ghost town of White Oaks, and the natural attractions of the Lincoln National Forest and Wilderness areas.

There is much to see and do in the Carrizozo area. From White Sands National Monument to the south to Spanish ruins and an old gold mining town to the north. Consider the contrast between the first atomic bomb test site to the west and the historic town of Lincoln to the east. Carrizozo makes a great place to stay while making day trips to the many area sites.

The Painted Burros of Carrizozo
In 2006 In 2006 Joan and Warren Malkerson initiated the Painted Burros Serenade to benefit local animal shelters and animal care causes. When passing through town, get out your camera and take a break. Walk the streets of Carrizozo, and you'll discover over 20  of fantastic Painted Burros standing watch over the Town, a guaranteed fun experience for the whole family.

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