The Mission of the Carrizozo Colony AIR is to provide individual artists space and time to focus  on chosen projects in the arts. With a broad definition of ‘artist,’ the Carrizozo Colony is open to a wide a variety of artistic mediums and creative ventures.  The residency promises solitude as well as interaction with the Carrizozo community.  The distinctive topography, varied life zones, and multicultural archeology of South Central New Mexico afford a unique connection with the land.   In 2015 Warren & Joan Malkerson and MoMAZoZo (Paula Wilson & Mike Lagg) combined their efforts to create the Carrizozo Colony AIR.  Artists live and work on Carrizozo’s historic 12th Street.

Elisabeth Concon,New York

Karl Kelly, Tampa FL

CARRIZOZO AiR  (Artist in Residence) 2018
Join us in welcoming Carrizozo Artists in Feburary


Elisabeth Condon, from New York, NY

February, 2018

“I love getting to know a landscape, how place feels as well as looks: light on skin, height of sky, flora, fauna, geographical characteristics, history: how place is both represented and actually inhabited. My painting, watercolors, collages, ink and sketchbook drawings are saturated with this strong sense of place.”

Karl Kelly, from Tampa, FL

February, 2018

“The Mount Vision Pastel Company began in fall 2000, on the top floor of an old general store in Mount Vision, New York. It germinated from my studies as a print maker and painter at the Museum School in Boston and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and evolved during my seven year stint as the principal paint maker for a small artists' oil paint company in New York. Joining my technical expertise and artistic background, I began researching pastel recipes to find out if I could translate the vivid color and particular density of pigment to pastel. My experience as a painter who frequently uses pastels drove me to create a high quality, affordable pastel for the discerning artist who sees beyond the expected when it comes to color. ”

Stefanie Dykes, from Salt Lake City, UT

February, 2018

“Anticipating the unexpected: I will set aside time for what Rebecca Solnit defines as ‘the mind at three miles an hour.’’ Time at Carrizozo, New Mexico, would offer me time to unplug, log out, and disconnect from my professional responsibilities. I’m looking for a slow pace where the mind has

freedom to roam. In Wanderlust, Solnit wrote, “... I suspect that the mind, like the feet, works at about three miles an hour. If this is so, then modern life is moving faster than the speed of thought or thoughtfulness.”


Stefanie Dykes, Salt Lake City, UT

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