Tularosa Basin Photography Gallery
At 7,500 sq. ft., the Gallery is the largest  all photography gallery in New Mexico exclusively displaying the images taken in the State by over 40 photographers. Come & enjoy this wonderful space & fine photographs.
401 12th Street, Carrizozo NM.
Phone: 575-937-1489.
Open 5 days a week.
Thursday thru Monday: 10am-5pm
Sunday: 12pm - 5pm
Read more at www.photozozo.org

Malkerson Gallery 408
Oils, Sculpture, Photography, Ceramics, Collage, Jewelry, Pottery. Artist Exhibitions & Musical Events.
408 12th St., Carrizozo NM 88310 Phone-575.648.2598
Read more about Gallery 408

Before the railroad tracks reached the site of present day Carrizozo in August, 1899, as far as the eye could see there were few signs of human habitation. There were just a scattering of cattle ranches established in the 1870's and a lonely stagecoach road that crossed the landscape from the booming gold-mining town of White Oaks.

The town grew quickly when the railroad made it a terminal town. As Carrizozo began to flourish, White Oaks began to decline. Many of its former residents moved their homes and businesses (some quite literally converted to galleries & studios) to the new town as railroad employees moved in. Carrizozo had grand dreams for its future.

As a result, its buildings and homes were built well and meant to last, thanks in part to Frank English whose legacy is everywhere. Between 1908 and 1925, Mr. English built about 30 houses and commercial buildings, many of which are still in use today. 12th Street became the town core of Carrizozo.

Today it is experiencing a resurgence as these buildings, true to their historic roots, have attracted a growing arts community. Many have been converted to galleries & studios.
Several movies have been filmed in Carrizozo, including the highly successful 'Book of Eli' when 12th street was completely transformed into a post apocalypse wasteland.


Limina Gallery
A rendezvous for exceptional artists and keen art lovers.
412 12th St.. Carrizozo, NM

Hours: Saturday 10:00 – 5pm, Sunday 12:00 – 5pm, and by appointment.


The Lyric Theater on 12th Street, formerly the Crystal Theater, is a prime example of the type and use of buildings, both existing and new, that became social centers in large and small towns alike. Read More...

Heart of the Raven Ceramics
415 12th Street, Carrizozo, NM 88301

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